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Art on Display 1949-69 is an exhibition that focuses not on the artworks themselves, but on the way they are presented. How do we show art? And how do we look at it, as museum visitors? Art on Display brings together some of the most progressive post-war exhibition designs by architects, giving us a unique opportunity to experience and compare these various approaches in person.

Pia is a professional observer of everyday things. Thanks to her hyper-curious attitude, she knows a little too much, and thanks to her background in art, she knows a little bit more. Her favourite things are peanut butter, inter-dimensional aliens, and amateurs.

‘’I walk in circles, I only walk in circles, I walk in circles for hours, I keep walking in circles, every circle is different.’’


14:00 – 15:00
Dutch, English

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam


While the Sunday Stroll is free, participants need an entrance ticket for Het Nieuwe Instituut. To join the stroll, make a reservation for Het Nieuwe Instituut at 2pm, and please mention that you want to join the stroll when you arrive. Please note: only four guests can join this Sunday Stroll

Please read through the anti-coronavirus measures before your visit.

Maureen Mooren & Rudy Guedj
Rudy Guedj
Jan Bijster
Tony Santos
Concrete Blossom
Eric Roelen & Rudy Guedj

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