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As a teenager Diana Ritfeld was excited by the traditional Suriname headscarves that her grandma wore. These angisas are Surinamese cultural heritage; each form expresses a different message. The creative headscarves that Ritfeld wears and distributes are created without any pre-conceived plan and are artistic, free designs. Be just as spontaneous in creating your own headscarf with the help of Diana.

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19:30 – 21:30
also this evening

18:00-19:30 Thursday Bite

18:45-19:30 Archive Talk: Archive Species

19:00-21:00 Workshop ReUnion: Reimagine family and marriage through blockchain

19:30-21:00 Film Gas Leaks

Museum free of charge from 17:00 until 21:00



Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam


Standard€ 7,50
Students, Friends and Members of Het Nieuwe Instituut€ 3,75

Maureen Mooren & Rudy Guedj
Rudy Guedj
Jan Bijster
Tony Santos
Concrete Blossom
Eric Roelen & Rudy Guedj

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