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Discover Het Nieuwe Instituut’s exhibitions through our team of unravellers and experience experts. Each ‘detour guide’ will show you around from their perspective as a composer, dancer, artist, chef or entrepreneur. Take a Sunday Stroll, book an educational programme, or arrange your own private detour with the guide(s) of your choice.

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Asha Capella

English, Dutch, Papiamentu

Asha is an all-rounder who loves to learn and do new things. One of her greatest passion is cooking. Her favourite things are food, people dancing offbeat and her family.


“If you’re enthusiastic, familiar with a subject and good at communicating it, then you’re a good detour guide.”

Joëlle Hoogendoorn

English, Dutch

Joëlle is a huge fan of the visual arts. As well as being a passionate artist herself, she is also an art teacher and exhibition visitor and provides a home for a large collection of art books.


“I like to take the visitor on a journey with the stories I tell. My goal is to make people feel enthusiastic and have them leave feeling satisfied with the experience.”

Erik Peters

English, Dutch

Erik is a designer, researcher and musician who is mainly interested in understanding and deconstructing the systems of society on a political, ecological, social or technological level. His practice is focused on speculative design, combining research and ficition.


“As a designer I create space where we can discuss and reflect. I question, visualise, speculate, dream, reflect, connect, build and offer alternatives.” 

Pia Canales

English, Dutch

Pia is a professional observer of everyday things. Thanks to her hyper-curious attitude, she knows a little too much, and thanks to her background in art, she knows a little bit more. Her favourite things are peanut butter, inter-dimensional aliens, and amateurs.


“I walk in circles, I only walk in circles, I walk in circles for hours, I keep walking in circles, every circle is different.”

Maurik Stomps

English, Dutch

As a designer and artist from Rotterdam, Maurik Stomps focuses on the public domain in his work. Who owns the city? And to what degree can an individual add to this? The questioning and researching of (public) space is also something he infuses into his detours. His favourite things are organising small events in his home, the sunset from his window and gardening.


“I want to stir up visitors’ sense of wonder and let them see things from a different perspective, bringing them into contact with new realms of experiences.”

Laura Grimm

English, Dutch

A “self-organising artist” is how detour guide Laura Grimm describes herself. She likes creating sculptures and working with textiles. Her studio, the autumn and changing into her pyjamas after getting home are a few of her favourite things.


“A detour is more than looking, listening and reading. It is a moment when I can connect people to something or someone, teaching them to see more and gain more insight together.”

Maureen Mooren & Rudy Guedj
Rudy Guedj
Jan Bijster
Tony Santos
Concrete Blossom
Eric Roelen & Rudy Guedj

In compiling the education programme, we draw on the rich range of knowledge and information arising from the various research programmes, exhibition projects and related activities of the institute.