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Charging our human batteries is a prominent theme in the Lithium exhibition. Conceived as a spa resort (revitalising lithium spas were all the rage in the 19th century), it highlights the benevolent and destructive aspects of the eternal human search for energy, with researchers, designers and artists reflecting on the role of the element lithium in powering today's non-stop economy. How many times can we recharge our batteries without addressing the causes of depletion, in both human bodies and the planet?

“As a designer I create space where we can discuss and reflect. I question, visualise, speculate, dream, reflect, connect, build and offer alternatives.”

As a designer, researcher and musician, Erik is mainly interested in understanding and deconstructing the systems of society on a political, ecological, social or technological level. As an artist, he focuses on speculative design, combining research and fiction.


Maureen Mooren & Rudy Guedj
Rudy Guedj
Jan Bijster
Tony Santos
Concrete Blossom
Eric Roelen & Rudy Guedj

In compiling the education programme, we draw on the rich range of knowledge and information arising from the various research programmes, exhibition projects and related activities of the institute.